Friday, August 27, 2010

The Start...

I have wanted to become a healer for a very long time.  Well since I was in my early 20's for sure.  I met a great Native Healer when I was attending university, though he never said he was, you just knew.  I always wanted to reconnect with him but somehow that never seemed to turn out.  I've also been blessed to meet a number of other Medicine Men throughout my life and was always given positive feedback and connections with these fellows, though nothing ever happened with that either.

My only other option that I can see is to try something through the internet.  I'm very comfortable working in this format and it feels right to me.  I'm not looking for fame or cash or anything else, I just want to see if I can heal anyone. 

I've been looking into a number of different ways to do it and I would like to do it through distance healing.  I was inspired to try with an article I read by Dr. William F. Bengston.  You can read about his experiment at this website  It's entitled "Breakthrough:Clues to Healing with Intention" and is on page 5.  You'll find it fascinating. 
I'm going to take this one step further and attempt to heal with the power of intent.  I'm only trying to heal physical illness right now.  There are lots of other prayer groups out there that will handle your financial situation, legal issues, love dilemmas, etc.  I'm not interested in that because sometimes the hardship you want to avoid is exactly what you need to go through on your spiritual path to get to the place you really need (not necessarily want) to be.
Also with this, please note that I am not a physician of any sort and am making no claim that this will work or that you should stop or change any advice you've received from your doctor.  Anything that is prescribed to you by a qualified medical professional should still be taken as ordered.
What I need from you to start this project is something to focus on.  I just feel that I need it.  I need to know your first name and initial (you can just give me your initials if you like), your gender, what is physically wrong with you and where it is on or in your body.  A photo of yourself may also help but isn't necessary.  Send it to my email address I have specifically set up for this at:
Let the experiment begin!

And just so you know...I am neither a kook or a whack-job or some weirdo you would find on the street.  I'm just going to give this a try and if someone finds me in the plethora of stuff on the web then it means this is what I should pursue because it's my calling.

Feel free to leave comments but try to be polite.  Don't ruin this for me and others.

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