Friday, September 3, 2010

Healing Stones

At least that's what I think they are.  I have either found or was given these stones.  The reason why I'm putting them on here is in the hopes that someone will know more about them than I do and what sort of things I'm supposed to do with them.  I've done some searches over the past few years and have come up with nothing.  I'll say what I know about them and leave the rest for someone else to tell me.

Round Rocks
I found all of these.  I just like round rocks and for a time I found these in quick succession.  The three smaller ones are perfectly round.  The small one has a small chip.  The largest isn't a perfect round stone but it the most natural of the stones.

Petrified Wood:
Another found stone that I've had since I was a kid.  It used to be in my parents' garage window for years and then I put it in my room.  It is very heavy for it's size.

Rock with a Partial Hole:
This was also found, but I haven't had it for that long.  What I do know about rocks with holes is very limited.  What I can say I learned from that great guy I met in university.  He said that rocks with holes are used during healing ceremonies.  They are placed on the patient and the illness is sucked out of the person through the hole in the rock.  You'll get some foul tasting stuff in your mouth, usually yellow, which you spit out and the person may be very drained after the procedure. 

Part of becoming a healer involves new healers to go on a vision quest.  Women don't have to because we can naturally already create life which gives us a bit of a "gimme" when it comes to becoming a healer.  Anyways, part of the vision quest is to drill a hole into a stone with nothing but sand and a stick.  Of course, it's very time consuming but your vision quest is complete when the rock is done.  This is mine.

Buffalo Effigy:
This stone was given to me by a cousin that was very close to me when I was a child.  She actually had two of them and kept one for herself while generously giving me this one.  I was told by her aunt that these are actually vertebra from a dinosaur.  These were found by American Natives and worked into what looks more like a buffalo.  These were used by the medicine men to draw buffalo to the hunters to ensure successful hunts.  This one intrigues me because it so obviously has been shaped to form a head and it also must be very old.  I say this because there a concretions of small stones stuck to it.  It would be, what I believe, is the second most important stone for my healing.

Stone with a Hole:
Yes, I have one of these.  I found this one but I don't know when.  I already explained about holes in rocks so I'm not going to state it again.  This stone is definitely the most important one I own.  It's made of sandstone and I found it exactly how it appears in the photos.  I've never done anything with it other than scrub the dirt off.

That's what I got.  If you know any more about what I should do with these or what they mean, by all means, let me know!  I'm putting these on here specifically to get some guidance and every little bit helps.  Thanks!